25 March, 2010

Beading For Beginners

Do you like working with your hands? Are you looking for a craft that is kid-friendly? Would you like to restart quickly after an interruption? Do you have little storage space? Do you need simple, simple, simple in your life?

Then this is a hobby for you.

I was looking for a new craft to learn. It had to be a real no-brainer, not very expensive and would use very little space. I stumbled into beading jewelry and it opened a whole new world to me.

Learning to make beaded jewelry is a fun, easy and an affordable hobby. It's a great economy buster to be able to create your own costume jewelry and look like a million bucks.

With three jeweler's tools, two simple beading techniques and a few materials you can make a variety of handcrafted jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, plus so much more are only a weekend away.

But where do you begin? When I first started my search I began at the craft stores. There were no classes being offered in my area and there were no independent bead shops. Browsing the beading departments became very overwhelming and too much to digest. But I was so intrigued with this new found interest that I would not become discouraged. I regrouped and decided to start in the publications department. I discovered several magazines and instruction beading books to choose from. I chose to start with a magazine for two reasons. One, it was more economical and two, I wanted the advertising resources. It proved to be the right path for me. I found lots of good resources and proceeded to order a bead distributor's supply catalog.

With another magazine or two and a supply catalog on hand I drank over the information for the next several months, learning about the beading materials, tools and terminology within these pages.

This process may sound a bit slow or long but it provided, for me, a solid introduction to the components behind jewelry making and laid the ground work for moving into the next phase of learning the beading techniques.

If you are at a beginner's stage and feel overwhelmed by all the selection in the beading department, as I was, I encourage you to start, at the least, with a beading magazine just to get your toes wet and become a bit familiar with a smaller selection of the components needed to start you down the path into the beading world.
Teri Hansen, a.k.a. bead at home mom, shares her passion for beading to the beginner. She has been teaching and unveiling the secrets to these simple techniques for over 7 years bringing hundreds of individuals of all ages to this world of beading. Visit her site for more information http://www.beadathome.com.

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