25 March, 2010

Tips to Successfully Sell Your Handmade Crafts

You love making crafts and friends and family members tell you that you should sell them. But the big questions are how and where. There are several tips to successfully sell your handmade crafts. The most important tip is to make quality crafts. The materials you use and the workmanship should be top notch. If you don't have quality, people just aren't going to buy.

The next tip is pricing. You need to price your craft according to similar crafts. You can go to craft fairs and check out similar crafts. You can go online and you can go to craft stores. You will find that some items are priced high and some are priced low. You need to average the prices and then ask yourself, "Would I pay that?" You can always come down on your price but it's more difficult to raise your price. So consider all aspects for pricing.

To sell your crafts at a craft fair, presentation is important. If things are just thrown on a table and it looks like a rummage sale people tend to either walk by or expect to pay dirt cheap. Put a tablecloth on your table and arrange your items neatly. The way you look also plays an important role. You are your own sales rep, dress the part and smile. Also put labels on your crafts or hand out flyers with your name and phone number or website on it. This will bring in repeat customers as well as new customers.

Selling online is another way to successfully sell your handmade crafts. There are sites that cater to crafters and you can set up your own storefront or sell individual items. These sites do charge a fee but your get exposure. Another way to sell is to bring your crafts to a craft store and either have them buy them or put them on consignment.

To successfully sell your handmade crafts takes time. You need to establish yourself and your crafts in the marketplace.

Crafts are a fun way to earn extra money. Enjoy creating new and different crafts.
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