25 March, 2010

Easter Baskets - Make Your Own

Presenting someone with an Easter basket packed full of beautiful gifts is a lovely idea. In fact, it's the perfect way to give someone a special present that is completely unique to their tastes.

Here are a few pointers that can make your Easter basket one of the happiest memories of Spring.

The Basket

The basket itself is usually of wicker much like those obtainable at any of your local craft centers or shops. They can be large or small, as they need only fit as many items as you wish to include. Once you have obtained your baskets, you can fill their bottoms with paper confetti.

The Contents

Your basket can contain any item or gift you can imagine as long as it fits inside. Common Easter basket inhabitants include treats, desserts and snacks and if the basket's intended recipient is of age, wine or champagne. Each food item included should be individually wrapped and able to survive a bit of time spent waiting to be eaten. Chocolate bunnies, eggs and other delectable candies are old classic Easter standbys and they are certainly appreciated by the younger crowd.

The nice thing about Easter baskets is that they are so easily adapted to individuals. You ought to keep this in mind as you prepare your gift basket, remembering that some children or adults may have allergies to certain foods and ingredients. For these recipients, good alternatives to confections include things like notepads, writing utensils, and other inexpensive gifts that are sure to see use.

The Presentation

Now that your baskets are all full, how is are all of those good Easter offerings going to stay secure? The best way to accomplish this is using clear wrapping plastic to cover the basket completely. This has the added advantage of allowing your Easter basket's lucky recipient to see all of the enjoyable things inside immediately, adding to the fun and excitement of receiving such a wonderful gift. A bow on top of the wrapped package completes the effect with a subtle touch that will make your Easter basket one of the best they've had! Happy Easter!
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