25 March, 2010

How to Get Started Making Beaded Jewelry

At the "bead-beginning" of course.

But the beginning is different for different people. Some prefer to start by taking classes, some delve right in with buying supplies and an instruction book, others prefer to start by reading on the specific topic for an introduction.

That was where I started.

Beading magazines and publications were more readily available than classes when I first wanted to learn how to bead. I was merely interested in exploring this new hobby, not jumping in with both feet. Not quite yet, anyway. Buying a beading magazine was an inexpensive avenue just to get my feet wet. I next ordered a beading supply catalog from Fire Mountain Gems.

I read, studied, and drank in the wealth of information over the next several weeks from this combination learning what I could about just simple basic information; the beads, tools and other materials needed to complete various projects. The combination of a beading magazine and bead supply catalog provided me with a solid foundation that I needed to convince me that I wanted to proceed full steam ahead.

There is a lot of new information to digest in the beginning of any new project; new jargon, new tools, new materials, new techniques.

If reading is a path you would like to follow to introduce yourself to beaded jewelry, there are several beading magazines available to you in your local craft store or on line. My recommendation is to start with the publication 'Bead Style'. This particular publication is focused on the beginning beader. Great basic projects, simple instructions, good reference guides are all right there. Let me warn you though, this could become very addicting so proceed with caution and enjoy the journey.

Happy beading.
Teri Hansen, a.k.a. bead at home mom, shares her passion for beading to the beginner. She has been teaching and unveiling the secrets to these simple techniques for over 7 years bringing hundreds of individuals of all ages to this world of beading. Visit her site for more information http://www.beadathome.com

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